When choosing your tiles, it's important to consider the slip rating and specifications of each tile to ensure it is suitable for the room you are using it in.

Pendulum Slip Test

A Pendulum slip test assesses the slip resistance of various surfaces. When testing tiles, the goal is to evaluate surface resistance under both dry and wet conditions. This is crucial for tiles used in bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and public areas to mitigate slip-related accidents. Tiles with lower resistance ratings should be used in areas with low-risk activities.

Pendulum Classification

  • P0: Skid Resistance Value (SRV) Below 12 - Very High Slip Risk
  • P1: SRV 12-24 - Very High Slip Risk
  • P2: SRV 25-34 - High Slip Risk
  • P3: SRV 35-44 - Moderate Slip Risk
  • P4: SRV 45-54 - Low Slip Risk
  • P5: SRV Over 54 - Very Low Slip Risk