Translating to 'Our Home' in Arabic, Baytina is the tile supplier dedicated to turning houses into homes through premium, accessible flooring. With an extensive range of premium tiles and a highly experienced team, we make selecting the right tile simple and affordable, removing the exclusivity from luxury and providing the assurance you need to turn your house into a home.

Premium tiles for every occasion

All grounds covered

From first home renovators to dream home builders, our extensive range of premium quality tiles covers all types of budgets and finishes. We've applied ourselves to ensuring our boutique mindset is paired with a sense of approachability and scalability, overturning every stone to ensure our wide ranging clientele has access to premium, high-quality tiles.

Our Story

With a background in supplying tiles for large scale commercial projects in Canberra, the directors of Baytina combine years of culminated experience in supplying quality tiles on large orders and tight delivery schedules. Turning their attention toward a new client - the 'end-user', Baytina is set on applying those same principles, ensuring customers, big and small, have access to high-quality, affordable tiles when they need them.